2017-18 Day Rates

Rates Effective as at October 1, 2017

All rates are Day Rates and charged per day or part thereof (minimum two days) .i.e. you pay for the day your horse arrives and you pay for the day your horse departs - no exceptions; rates are quoted in Canadian Dollars.  Permanent Horses must be guaranteed for no less than 10 months and up to a 15% discount shall apply to the posted Day Rate. The posted Day Rate for Mares foaling out under the Ontario-Bred Program, guaranteed for 150+ days, will be discounted 10%.  For any special needs, please feel free to Contact Us.

Broodmare Division; Short Term Day Rates

Single Mares* $40.00
Weanlings and Yearlings*  $37.50
Foal by Mare** $5.00
Special Light program - included, if required N/C
Foaling Fee; Foaling January through April - includes two (2) Bottles of Colostrum, if required, of Minimum BRIX 22%. $500.00
Exerciser, Day Rate - Permanent Boarders only $50.00
Special Rehab Programs &/or Foaling after May 1st please inquire


*Day Rates are subject to Permanent Boarder Long Term Volume Discounts -- please inquire; 
**Foals become Weanlings the earlier of five (5) months after DOB  or date weaned